Sunday, 27 April 2008

Team Sport Conference in Italy

This is a world-class conference in which the latest methods proven to improve team-sport performance will be presented. The timing is perfect to provide you with new ideas for the upcoming competitive season.
This conference is a must for all researchers, trainers, coaches and students who work with team sports!

All presenters are international experts who have experience not only in research but also working with elite team-sport athletes.
Prof Ulrik Wislof (Norway)
Prof Tom Reilly (UK, Liverpool football club)
Assoc Prof Peter Krustrup (Denmark, Danish national soccer team)
Assoc Prof David Bishop (Verona, Fremantle football club)
Assoc Prof Inigo Mujika (Spain, Bilbao Football club)
Assoc Prof Mikel Izquierdo (Spain)
Dr Francesco Cuzzolin (Treviso, Benetton Basket)
Dr Gary Phillips (UK, Football Association England)
Dr Matthew Spencer (Norway, Australian national hockey team)
Dr Franco Impellizerri (Schulthess Clinic, Switzerland)
Dr Johann Edge (New Zealand)
Dr Alberto Mendez-Villaneuva (Qatar, Aspire Football Academy)
Dr Aaron Coutts (Australia, Parramatta and Essendon Football clubs)
Dr Carlo Castagna (Italy, Italian soccer referees)
Dr Greg Dupont (France, Celtic Glasgow)
Dr Silvia Pogliaghi (Italy, Italian national rugby team)
Dr Marco Cardinale (UK, British Olympic Association)
Dr Nicola Maffiuletti (Switzerland, Swiss Olympic Association)
Dr Bruno Ruscello (Italy, Italian national hockey team)
Dr Massimo Venturelli (Italy, Chievo football team)
Dr Corrado Lupo (Rome, ASD Juventus nuoto)
Dr Silvano Garbin (Rome, Italian rugby federation)
Dr Mario Bizzini (F-MARC, FIFA, Switzerland)


You can find all details here:


My Google Blog on 29 April 2008 at 08:52 said...

The conference looks excellent. The topics are very important and the speakers are in the top positions. Is is possible to get notes or presentations from conference? I am a college soccer coach in the United States and I, too, write a soccer training blog at I would be very interested to study the information presented at the conference.

Unknown on 29 April 2008 at 10:38 said...

You can contact the organisers.They will publish the abstracts and summaries of presentations in the Coaching and Sports Science Journal (Edited by Societa' Stampa Sportiva - Italy).

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